My non-diet diet.

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Last week I started #ZenProject8. I can hear the sighs of ‘Oh boy’ already. Yes, it’s a new year and yes this is a wellness program, but for someone like me who has been anti-diet my entire life to get on a program, it MUST be different.

If you think it was an easy start, it was not (see this video)! But start I did, and I’m still going.

So, what is Zen Project 8?

A powerful community health movement focused on empowering people to look and feel the best in their body.  In short, it consists of an easy-to-follow 3 Phase Plan to burn fat, increase energy and reprogram your metabolism. This process helps balance blood sugar yet support your muscles so that you don’t loose them, but build them.

What do you get as part of the Zen Project 8 community?

Delicious grab-n-go recipes that work seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Educational and inspiring coaching via live video with Mark MacDonald weekly.

Daily motivational support and an incredible, sharing, caring community.

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The first one to two weeks is detox. They you move into what is called the “Ignite” phase and then the “Thrive” phase. And there is no lack of eating.

Below are some pictures from my detox week. I’m posting my updates, weigh-ins and more in my FB group. I’m also sharing other health nuggets there too. Consider this an invitation to check it out and learn more about #ZenProject8.

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So what do you think?

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