Open for 2016.

Ro train mag

I’m sitting on a train heading north, reading my Toastmasters magazine…reading an article title Authentic Leadership by Dave Zielinski (Nov 2015) – crying. Not a boo hoo cry. More like a moment of realization that something bigger is waiting kinda tears. The realization was scary but it moved pretty quickly from fear to acceptance and hence the tears. The realization was that I need to become that person for that something bigger.

You see, I was thinking about my One Word for 2016 and it was as if it had been trying to find me all along (that’s usually how it happens :-)). It flagged me while reading Rising Strong by Brene Brown. It tapped on my shoulder when I saw what Steve Harvey did at the Ms. Universe pagent. It bowled me over in a fortune cookie which said, “You will be recognized as a leader”. There was no denying it, for me to move my business and life to the level I dream of, I need to play on the level. I need to be that leader, now. I need to be wholehearted, brave and authentic. I need to be open.

Being open is scary for me. In the two seconds it took for my tears to come I saw my mom’s hands. I saw my nephews. I saw me stumbling over my words but saying them anyway (one of my biggest fears). I saw my presenting on stage, shaking. I saw the amazing journey I’ve had the past four years in Network Marketing. I saw all the unexpected, unplanned, scary yet amazing things in my my life.

And while it is still scary, facing my fears is the best way to show my four young nephews how to be brave in this world. And I’ll be darned if I don’t do right by them.

So what is being open?

Being open is freedom. We do not loose anything of ourselves by being kind to others. Living life with integrity and compassion actually betters us. It could be as simple as just telling the truth so you don’t have to remember a lie. Being open is freedom.

So in the spirit of being open I want to invite you to allow me to share this journey called 2016. This year I will be doing a body transformation challenge, growing a new business, creating a home in a new state and making lots of friends and mistakes along the way. I will be creating more videos – one sure way to put myself out there and be more open. I will be embracing even more change than 2015. And though I’m a little scared, I’m moving in the direction of open and focusing that fear into excitement.

To facilitate my video goals, I’ll be using Facebook Live – my first video is here. So if you’re not a Facebook friend, send me request and a message saying you are from my blog and I we can be friends :-).

I’m also exploring Blab. It’s a more interactive platform than Periscope where other people can join in the broadcast on camera. Find and follow me at You’ll see any scheduled Blabs there too.

What do you want to be/do/have or change this year? Do you have a One Word for 2016? Share in the comments below.

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