Words. Love. You.


Words have so much power. We can either talk ourselves into something so more likely what happens is we talk ourselves out of it. The image above shows words that I use to live my life wholeheartedly. Words that help guide my decisions, ensuring that they fall within the realms of my goals.

Words from a world-changing woman, Oprah, were the final step to my current life’s motto – #EnjoyingBeing. It was such an ah-ha moment that it needed a hashtag. So what exactly did Oprah say? “There is no real doing in the world without being, first.”

I define #EnjoyingBeing as

1: Taking pleasure from our state in life;

2: the pre-requisite for all our ‘doing’ in life.

3: It’s living in every moment, even the bad ones, loving who you are being (active verb) on your purpose path; because out of that comes your best You and thus, your best life.

Here are two truths to go along with that.

Your authentic doing can only come out of your authentic being.

You don’t have anything to give, that you don’t have for yourself.

Now…to become the embodiment of those words.

There’s a bit of background in one of my 30-day challenge videos. Note: though WordPress embeds video, it is also on my YesRoanne Facebook page, and yes, I would love a ‘LIKE’ from you there.



Life is a journey and if we are not experiencing change, with all it’s emotions and all the ups and downs, we are not living. And to live, you need belief, you need hope. Keep seeking; the truth will always find you. I was seeking and continue to seek to build a better me, and you know something, progress feels good.

Oprah and her team did another bang-up job by creating the site that created the picture above. It  was created as a promo for the 7-day series titled ‘Belief’ that started on Sunday night (10/18). But what a fabulous way to help bring your words to life. Hop over and make your own at http://www.beliefin3words.com/ – use it as a visual reminder of the power of your own words. Choose. them. wisely.

So what do you think?

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