#DearMe: 5 loving lessons to my younger self.


You have lots of feelings and that makes you normal. Repeat after me: NORMAL.

It’s okay to care; that’s normal.

It’s okay to cry; that’s normal.

You are awesome…everyone says so…believe them.


You can’t fix people and fixing things for them doesn’t fix the problem. Learn that as soon as possible.


Speak up. Even when it’s scary, speak up. On the other side of that fear is an awesome feeling of freedom. It only lives there, so open your mouth and cross over. The other side of your fear is beautiful and it’s never as bad as you imagine.


When Network Marketing comes knocking – be curious and jump in. Ask lots of questions. Find a leader and ask lots of questions. Remember, jump in and ask lots of questions.


And keep smiling and enjoying life now. Some may be waiting for that smile today.

This post was inspired by the #DearMe Youtube challenge – check out the lead video here.

And if you’d done a #DearMe video, feel free to drop your link. I’d love to check it out.


Toodles. ~ Roanne.


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