Day 1  – Take Time For Your ‘Shift’ – 30-day video challenge.

If you’re going to take a leap, why not make it legendary?

In the past 30 days I’ve left my full time job, moved to South Carolina, without my family, so a 30-day video challenge seems like small beans. We’ll see as the 30 days rolls along.


So why a video challenge?

– Playing small is my comfort zone and not what is going to help me build my Network Marketing Business.

– I have a habit of abandoning projects before the end and I want to make a habit of completion.

– I want to get more comfortable being the focus because to have the life and business I want to have, that is something I have to believe so much that I see myself there.

– Since I’m not doing design full time I need to flex my creative muscle.

– Because it could be fun.

I’m sure I could have many more but I’d better start if I intend to do this. Here goes…

Have you ever done a 30-day video challenge. What was your fear going in (if you had any)? What did you enjoy the most?

See you on Periscope for the next video. Follow me @yesroanne.

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