Summer Chocolate

A tasting party host of mine called the the other day to schedule a tasting party; “I must have summer chocolate!” she said. Which got me thinking…Chocolate and summer are not really friends…think cocoa butter bloom (that greyish-white stuff that is on your chocolate when you forget it in the car).

But yet, there IS summer chocolate – think Oreo Cream pies and chocolate fudge pops. So I set out to find ‘summer chocolate’ and here’s what I came up with.

Ice-Cream Sandwich: Readily available in most supermarkets with what it’s common vanilla ice cream center. But can be easily remedied using any variety of your favorite chocolate ice cream sandwiched between your favorite chocolate cookie recipe. Check out this one from For me: a White Chocolate Meyer Lemon cookie with either a vanilla or chocolate ice-cream and all is well in my world.

inline_fudge-ice-cream-sandwich_bClassic Chocolate Milkshake: I’ve seen one too many Chocolate Milkshake recipes that use chocolate syrup. I have yet to find a chocolate syrup that I actually like so this recipe (at the link, scroll down a bit) is more up my ally. It uses chocolate ice-cream which is a great start. Also, you can use a quality hot chocolate mix or just a really good cocoa powder (dutch processed is my preference).


Frozen bananas are a historical favorite of the Jersey Shore boardwalks – simple, yum, fun! and super easy to make at home. Insert a popcicle stick into the banana and freeze (in freezer for at least three hours). Use any chocolate you prefer (white, milk, dark) and any decoration you’d like including sprinkles or even wet almonds.


One non-traditional way to get your summer chocolate fix, is to add cocoa to your dry rub or your BBQ sauce, it will make all the hidden flavors surface, I promise. I can personally attest to this as I frequently use the Sweet and  Spicy Cocoa Rub from Dove Chocolate Discoveries.


Chocolate mousse can be a summer chocolate save all because it makes a great cold dessert just by itself or you can make a mousse pie with it. I love using the Dove Chocolate Discoveries Dark Chocolate Baking Mix for a crinkle cookie crust and they the Dark Chocolate Mousse Mix for my pie. The chocolate is so deliciously intense that just some slightly-sweetened, homemade whipped cream is the perfect topping.

Chocolate Mousse Pie

What cold (or hot) chocolate do you love in the summer?


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