Slowing Down to Feel the Love

Also long as I can remember, I’ve heard people say that you should give flowers while they can be appreciated.

I had the pleasure of taking handmade paper flowers to my two Senior Team Leaders and one Team Leader who attended our home-office sponsored, 2-day Team Leader Training. Lucky for me, I only live 40 minutes away from our home office so I was able to deliver the flowers in person. Of course, I got to hang out with other Chocolatier friends that evening too.  And check out the view during my drive…


With life and schedules bursting at the seams, we are all too easily distracted from the things that make up a life well lived. Though that was four hours, on a Sunday evening, that I could have spent ‘getting ready for the week,’ the experience of bonding and sharing with fellow business partners and friends added much more joy to my life than any clean load of laundry ever could.

Last week, I also purposely spent a couple days semi-unplugged. What that means is I spent maybe one hour/day on social media, emails and all things digital. It was refreshing to say the least. As a creative, that time between actually creating is where ideas happen and they have time to marinate in your mind, unfettered. Being constantly connected has caused us, as individuals and a society, to loose touch with the very things that make us human. This benefits of disconnecting from our digital lives have been documented by science and written about increasingly in the past few years buy health, wellness and business leaders alike. Lucky for me, my two days were spent with my sweetheart, truly connecting.

Before I turn this into a discourse on being human, I say this to encourage you first, to do something good for yourself; It could be as small as taking a moment to notice the beauty just outside your window, be it a tree or the architecture on a old building or the cloud in the sky that looks like a tree.

Second, do something for someone else. I felt a little selfish that I wanted to dote on my Team Leaders in front of everyone else. But even in that, it was not lost on me, that the point of the flowers was to make them feel special; and I’m so happy that it did.


You really meet the best people in Direct Sales. Thanks Gina, it’s such a pleasure to have you as part of our team.

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