The Sweet Shoppe

My goal is to give you an insight into some of the benefits of a Direct Sales business. This is just one.

The Sweet Shoppe?!!? I can ‘virtually’ hear the excitement and curiosity in your voice. No, you can’t buy chocolate there, but chocolate will get you a chance to shop there. Say what?!?! I’ll explain.

In Direct Sales, you get paid commissions, bonuses and overrides. But one of the sweetest things about being a Direct Seller is the incentives. That just works out to be more free stuff, over and above your commissions, bonuses and overrides. It could be anything from cash, to vacations to new kitchen appliances.

So what is the Sweet Shoppe? And how does it work? Check out the video for the answer.

The benefits of a Direct Sales business is ‘sweet’. If you’d like to take advantage of the Sweet Shoppe or if you know someone who would really dig something like that, contact me or share this post or the video directly with them. They might thank you with some chocolate.

Actually, I would like to thank you with some chocolate. Share this post with a friend using the links below. Then comment saying how you shared and I’ll choose a random winner to receive a Dove Chocolate Discoveries Frost White Smoothie Packet; winner will be picked 4/27/15 at 11PM.


So what do you think?

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