Be careful what you ask for…#empoweredwomen #jcawes

Six months into my Direct Sales career, when I finally saw the big picture of what Direct Sales could do, I considered ways that I could share this with women on a larger scale; one to one just didn’t seem efficient for the excitement I held. I’d worked over my desire, of and on, for two+ years. I knew that what Direct Sales teaches could better the lives of so many, and maybe, I could even eliminate some of the stigma that the industry has been challenged with through educating and honest sharing. It truly is a life-changing business, no matter your goal in life, and everyone should give it a two-year try just for the self-improvement.
 Mini Chocolate event demo

Well, two weeks ago, while sampling chocolate at a friend’s fundraiser (pictured above), I got to talking with the amazing women in the room. Two days later, I was asked by Doris Johnson (if you ever have the chance to meet her, DO!) to speak at the Jersey City Amazing Women Empowerment Summit. It’s as if my opportunity just fell from the sky…

Of course it didn’t. It’s been a long road, 3+ years in the making, and I’m super excited about it!  So on June 20th, I will be presenting at the Jersey City Amazing Women Empowerment Summit (JCAWES) –  a professional empowerment summit designed to uplift, empower and educate women. I’m already excited by all the other speakers on the line up. One of the best parts is that this summit is all bootstrapped; I mean that we, the local woman, even some who are presenting are the ones organizing it.


The goal of the summit is to provide you with the tools and present opportunities to help you maximize your power, enhance your success and bring balance in all areas of your life. We will present the opportunity for Attendees to meet with some of Jersey City’s most influential and artistic women from a vast pool of disciplines, arts and humanities!

Topics being presented:

  • Maintaining a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Investing and Owning Your Future
  • The Sky Is The Limit
  • Building Entrepreneurial Capital
  • Leadership and Career Development
  • You and Your Community (how to get involved)
  • How to Create a Reasonable Proposal

There will even be a cocktail reception after; a great opportunity of networking. The event will take place at the Hewn Arts Center, 140 Sip Avenue in Jersey City. Tickets are available here. And do give JCAWES a like on Facebook. Doris shares inspirational posts and links daily. Hope to see you on June 20th.

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