Curry and a Croissant: Paris Dreaming

My foodie loves has led me to enjoy some interesting combinations of food at anytime of the day. BBQ for breakfast and cereal for dinner…hey, when it’s good, it’s good. Today, I had curry chicken and a croissant with white cheddar for lunch and it sent me Paris dreaming.
So, follow me back to April 2014. I had to opportunity to visit Paris for the first time and it was everything I imagined and more. Of my entire Euro trip, every morsel I had in Paris is fabulous, even the Indian food. Yes, I said Indian food. On our last night, we ventured down one of the narrow walkways close where we were staying – Passage Brady. There was someone at the doorway to every eatery on the short street, courting each passerby. We finally settled on one; not sure if it was because the gentleman spoke decent english or because there was already people in there who seemed to be enjoying their meal…maybe a combination of both. It was three courses and even my picky aunt though that the entire meal was delicious. So how exactly did my lunch today transport me back to the little restaurant? The naan.
One of my favorite things about traveling is experiencing the food that is local to a particular region. While I realize the world is now one ginormous melting pot, I did not expect to find 189 Indian restaurants listed on Trip Advisor for Paris. Sidebar: Paris also have 2000+ more restaurants than New York City. It really is a culinary mecca.
Our naan that evening was buttery and had a sharp, white cheese in it. French cooking is the capital of buttery deliciousness, so other than ghee, I didn’t really expect butter but I guess it’s not so far off. It was a different yet enjoyable taste; a perfect culinary melding of cultures. And my croissant and curry took me right back there.
PS: Paris is also full of great design; checkout the font used for the ‘Passage Brady’ sign. It’s so reminiscent of the old Paris you see in posters and postcards; and so is a walk down this ‘Passage’. Very appropriate.
Passage Brady in Paris.
Passage Brady in Paris.

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