Matcha Matcha Man

March is Matcha challenge month over at Steeped Tea. It runs until March 31 so it’s not to late to jump in. Since I ‘discovered’ the unique flavor of Matcha a few years ago, I’ve tried it everywhere it crossed my culinary path. I’ve enjoyed it in ice-cream, cake and mousse. But now that I have first-hand access to a fine quality Matcha, I’ve been experimenting and have discovered that I love Matcha and white chocolate (not much surprise there). At first I tried it with a spiced white chocolate which was really delish. Picture

But then I thought to try it with just straight white chocolate chunks and oh my stars! I could ramble on trying to explain how it tasted, but you’d probably stop ready after a paragraph or two. The white chocolate I used has a higher cocoa butter content (be sure to read your product labels) and so with just hot water from a water cooler, I was able to whip up my white chocolate Matcha latte in one minute. And the smoothness and sweetness from the white chocolate was perfection.
Makes approx 12oz
2 tbs white chocolate chunks
3/4 tsp of Matcha
9 oz of hot water
2 oz of half-n-half
Add Matcha and white chocolate to your cup. Add half of the hot water and whisk until combined (only half to minimize the splashing/spilling while whisking.)
Add the rest of the hot water and half-n-half. Stir with the whisk and enjoy.
There are Matcha recipes on my tea website. What other creative ways have you used Matcha?
0319151753 Picture

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