I’ve been ‘officially’ working as a Graphic Designer for eight years now and a couple unofficial years before that. Funnily enough, I didn’t realize I had been a life long Creative until 13 years ago. It must be in my genetics because my family did everything – sewing, cooking, cake decorating, my uncle and great aunt ran their own professional printing and bindery shops and even in her late life, my grandmother was curious to try her hands at all sorts of things. So when my job started heading south, I opted to pick up the slack with something creative; I knew I would at least enjoy making it. I made cards, books and even some fabric items. The best part was creating my marketing materials – business cards, packaging and even a catalog – confirmation that my choice to venture into Design was a very good one.

My specialty is print and still-digitals. To date, I have designed for government and religious institutions, realtors, handmade artisans, massage therapists, and more. You can view a collection of my design jobs in my portfolio (to come).

I am available to consultations on any project. Contact me at; or via voice or text at 201-470-4678.


So what do you think?

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