Crinkle Cookie Ice Cream ‘Birthday’ Sandwiches

Every so often, it’s light and fun in the office where I work…particularly around birthdays. Maybe it’s all the cake and candles. But cake can get old pretty quickly, so we decided to try something different. Well, I decided to try something different. Plus after the winter we’ve had, ice cream gives me dreams of summer. So here’s what I came up with – Crinkle Cookie Ice Cream ‘Birthday’ Sandwiches. It was delicious, interactive fun and everyone raved about how yummy the cookies were.

P.S. the cookies were really simple to make. Scroll down for the recipe.



Crinkle Cookie recipe

1 egg
3 tbs butter, melted
Powdered sugar (for rolling)
Mix ingredients completely (except powdered sugar).
Separate into 1” balls.
Roll balls in powdered sugar and place on cookie sheet (with enough room for them to spread).
Bake for 8-10 minutes.

11018620_912710778773540_8314115725423607270_n 11043170_912717928772825_9163682287645221834_n

Add some vanilla ice cream and enjoy! Birthday candle optional.

What alternatives to a traditional birthday cake have you seen or tried?

Bday Crinkle Cookies

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